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Carpet CleaningCarpets are beautiful household items that can drastically change and enhance the indoor ambiance. However carpets have a downside and the downside is that they require constant and meticulous maintenance in order to keep their appearance. If you have recently bought a carpet and you aren’t sure how you must clean it, keep reading because we have written down a step by step tutorial that will allow you to maintain your carpet clean and spotless.

Step 1: Commence by creating your own homemade carpet cleaning remedy by mixing powder laundry detergent with water.

Step 2: Next before you apply your homemade carpet cleaning detergent make sure that you vacuum your carpet thoroughly. It is preferable that you use a new vacuum cleaner bag each time that you vacuum your carpet. This way the vacuum won’t leave dirt and dust particles behind.

Step 3: Test your cleaning detergent by applying a small amount of it on a hidden part of the carpet. Once you have applied the cleaning remedy allow to sit and then check to see whether the carpet has discolored or not. If the carpet has discolored than don’t use your homemade remedy. Instead opt for a commercial carpet cleaning detergent.

Step 4: On the other hand if your carpet hasn’t been affected by your cleaning detergent, apply the detergent on all the spots and stains that are on your carpet. Allow the cleaning solution to soak for approximately five minutes before you commence scrubbing.

Step 5: Scrub the treated areas with fresh clean water and make sure that you use inward circular motion so that you can spread the stains and sports further onto your carpet.

Carpet CleaningStep 6: Get a soft brush and remove any residue of your homemade carpet cleaning solution. If necessary use fresh clean water for the removal of the detergent residue. Once all residue is removed allow your carpet to dry. You can accelerate the drying process by running a fan that is pointed towards the carpet or by opening your windows and doors in order to create a wind current.

Step 7: Continue by vacuuming your carpet once again. You must repeat the vacuuming of your carpet so that you can remove all dust and dirt residues that the cleaning detergent and the previous vacuuming have failed to remove.

Step 8: Finish your carpet cleaning project by applying carpet protector over your carpet. The protector will prevent future stains to penetrate deep in your carpet and will facilitate the stain removal process.

If carpet cleaning is needed for an end of tenancy clean, for many of us it is easier to just call a professional cleaning company, like this one based in London.  In general there are specialized cleaning companies that offer this type of service in most areas of the United Kingdom. Good luck!