4 Places In Your Home You Have Never Dusted But You Need To

Removing the dust from your home is very important for the cleanliness of your living space but if you have allergies then it’s crucial!

However, even if you clean your home on regular basis I can assure you that there are still areas where you forget to dust.

Here Are Places 4 You Forget To Dust

– Upholstery

The first thing on my list has to be upholstery – armchairs, sofas, etc. They collect more dust than you can imagine, trust me! And people usually don’t pay a lot of attention to their upholstered furniture.

This is why you need to start removing the dust off of your upholstery on regular basis. How to do it? It’s very simple and all you need is your vacuum cleaner!

– Walls

I know that you are probably thinking I am crazy, however, dust does cling to walls – especially if you have textured wallpaper. I am sure that you have never cleaned your walls but it’s time to reconsider that!

In order to remove the dust off of your walls, you need to use a dust mop. Once you do it you will see how much dust comes off.

– Lampshades

Now that I surprised you with the “there is dust on your walls” statement it’s time to move on to something that won’t cause that much shock.

You need to start dusting your lampshades! Just use a small brush to do that.

– Plants

If you have indoor plants then guess what – there is dust on their leaves. When was the last time you wiped your plants? Well, then it’s most likely time to grab a cloth, dampen it with warm water, and gently clean the leaves.