7 Cleaning hacks we learned from professionals

Some of the best cleaning hacks I have ever heard of:

  • Get rid of stains

Mix vinegar with water and apply to the stains. Cover the area with a wet cloth, grab an iron and set it on Steam mode. Iron the cloth for 30 seconds.

  • Window tracks

Grab some baking soda and vinegar and apply on the tracks. Take a toothbrush and scrub the tracks. Then wipe the tracks with a cloth. You might as well wipe your blinds as well. How? Mix vinegar with water again, grab a clean sock and dip it in the mixture. Start cleaning the blinds.

  • The sink area

The sink can get pretty dirty. Want a simple way to clean it? Grab baking soda, water, and a toothbrush. Put the soda on the toothbrush and start cleaning the sink and faucet.

  • The shower curtains

A lot of soap and foam get on your shower curtains which cause mildew. Put them in the washing machine, add your normal detergent and some baking soda.

  • The Countertop

If you cook every day the task of keeping your kitchen clean is probably harder. I will share a quick tip through – declutter your countertop at all times. Always clean dishes as soon as you are done eating.

  • The kids’ room

Tidy your kids’ room every day which will make everything so much easier. Start with collecting dirty clothes and continue with taking the rubbish out.

  • The Fridge

Maintain your fridge. Check the products and see if there are some that are close to the expiration date. You can also scrub your fridge once a week. This means taking all of your groceries out and scrubbing the inside with a brush.