Clean your rugs in several easy steps

Rug CleaningNaturally, rugs can be a beautiful addition to your home’s decoration. They are able to create a unique atmosphere and add up to the sense of class and even luxury. The bad news is that among all flooring solutions, rugs and carpets are notorious for being the hardest to clean. Fortunately you can achieve perfectly clean rugs by following several really simple steps:


  • Never forget to flip your rugs and vacuum their back. Do this once a month and you will ensure that any dirt that has been accumulated deep in the fabrics of your rug will be gone.

  • In case you have fringes or tassels, you will have to be extra careful cleaning them. It is highly advisable that you do not use a vacuum cleaner with them, because this can quite easily damage their fabrics. Just fluff them by hand – this should be more than enough to keep them in a satisfactory condition.

  • Avoid using carpet shampoos and other synthetic substances, especially if you have wool area rugs instead of wall to wall carpets. If there are stains on your rugs that you do not think will come out without using a chemical product of any sort, make sure to check out the label of the product in question in order to make sure that it is safe to use it.

  • Rug CleaningThe next tip might sound simple, but you will be surprised how many people overlook it –if you want to have a perfectly clean rug or carpet at any time, you should make sure to clean up any dirt or stain from its fabrics the moment they occur. The thing is, the longer you wait, the harder it gets to rid your rug of the stain. You can press a clean white cotton towel to the stained area, so that as much moisture as possible is absorbed. Make sure that you do not rub the cloth in circles, because that causes damage to the rug!

  • If you have pets, a great way to neutralize their unpleasant odor from the carpets and rugs in your home is to use a 1:3 solution of vinegar and water.

Following those simple procedures will ensure that you will not have any problem maintaining your carpets. They will be permanently in a perfect condition with no stress, strain or hassle on your part whatsoever.