Cleaning Foam Cushions

Cleaning Foam CushionsFoam cushions are commonly found on many furniture pieces. Foam cushions provide for much comfort and retain the shape of the furniture piece for longer. These cushions though require more specific cleaning due to their material and properties. This doesn’t mean you have to call in the professionals, you can effectively clean foam cushions on your own, using the easy to follow instructions provided below.

Note: Foam cushions will require some time to dry properly, you may have to wait a day or so before the cushions are ready to use.

Materials you need:

-upholstery cleaner or mild detergent, both work fine;

-a bucket of warm, fresh water;

-sufficient amount of paper towels;

Note: It is best to wash the cushions in your bath tub, optionally you can do this in a large sized rinse basin or the sink in your laundry room if you have such. Generally, the size of the cushions will determine the most suitable washing spot.

The cleaning process:

Cleaning Foam Cushions-remove the cushion covers if possible and wash those separately;

-fill up the bath tub or sink with enough hot water so that the cushion is completely submerged;

-add the necessary amount of detergent or spot cleaner to the hot water and stir well to agitate;

-dip the cushion fully, wait for it to soak and begin squeezing water in and out of it;

-repeat the squeezing as many times as necessary until you are satisfied;

-squeeze as hard as possible and turn the cushion over and around while squeezing and releasing;

if the water turns dirty, drain and refill the tub, repeat the same steps listed above;

-when cushion is washed, drain the tub, begin rinsing the cushion with the shower or use the tap;

-all along squeeze and release the cushion so that any leftover detergent or dirty water disappears;

-when no more foam is coming out of the cushion, rinse with fresh water and wring it out well;

The drying process:

Drying out foam cushions properly is just important as washing them. Once you have wrung out the cushion as best as possible. Lean it against a clean wall, on a clean floor surface and let it air dry. It is best to prop the cushions on a forty five degree angle to allow for maximum air circulation on all sides. It would be great if you can dry the cushions out in the sun.