Cleaning Silk Upholstery

Cleaning Silk UpholsterySilk itself is one of the most delicate and demanding fabrics out there. Silk upholsteries are also quite specific when it comes to cleaning treatments. If you have silk upholstered furniture and want to try and clean it yourself, don’t be afraid to give it a go. The tips and advice listed below should keep you in the clear.

The necessary materials and products:

a good vacuum cleaner, soft cloths, mild laundry detergent, fresh water, optionally blow dryer;

The cleaning process:

Silk is a natural fabric which does respond well to basic cleaning treatments. This is why a weak solution of fresh water and mild detergent is likely to suffice.

Note: If the silk upholstery is heavily stained or soiled, it is better to consider professional cleaning services instead.

-vacuum thoroughly but carefully the entire upholstery, try and get into all the nooks and crannies;

-mix a small amount of laundry detergent to about three times more water, stir the solution well in a small bucket or large bowl, you don’t need to mix large amounts.

-test the solution on an obscured part of the furniture piece in order to check for any ill effects;

Note: dyed silk has a tendency to discolour if subjected to aggressive cleaning methods, this is why a pre-test is crucial.

-clean the silk upholstery with gentle sweeping motions, don’t rub hard in one spot, and try not to smudge the cleaning solution with erratic motions.

-be careful not to over wet the upholstery, if you do use the blow dryer on no-heat setting (most dryers have a button for this).

-don’t ever dry silk upholsteries by using streams of hot air such as air conditioners or fan forced heaters, the same goes for direct sunlight – not an option.

-silk is best dried in well ventilated areas, away from direct sunlight.

-when cleaning specific stains or spills, pre-treat the affected area using the mild detergent solution mentioned above;

-remember to dab at the stain, not rub over it as rubbing will drive it deeper and make it impossible to remove.

Additional considerations (thanks to

In certain instances, there may be water streaks visible on the silk upholstery after cleaning. In order to avoid this, make sure your cleaning solution products and proportions are correct. In all cases pre-test in a non-visible spot and wait for the area to air dry. If you see streaks, consider using specialised dry cleaning options for silk fabrics.