Getting to know your carpet

Carpets are simply a fine addition to the interior of any home. They open up our rooms, help us preserve the warmth and prevent us from slipping. This is all fine until the time comes to clean them. Cleaning a carpet can be done in many was depending on the damage and staining on it. More often than not you should act quickly but at the same time with care. If you happen to know the type of carpet you own this might make it easier for you when it is time to wash it or scrub it.

There are three main types of carpets regarding the way they have been built or weaved. They don’t really have any disadvantages so one isn’t really better than the other. They simply have unique character and depending on what you are looking for it is a matter of taste in order to obtain the right carpet for your home.

The Cut pile carpet is among the most popular types of construction when it comes to making a carpet. It is distinguished by having its loops cut and thus a unique vision is achieved. These carpets generally have a more luxurious look and are pretty durable. Some of them have short pile and many times as you walk on them a print of your feet will be left behind. Not a hard carpet to clean but if you let the spots stay it might be a difficult task getting rid of them later. These carpets feel like they have a velvet finish or a velour one. You are probably familiar with these fabrics from the clothes and shoes that you wear and perhaps know how capricious they can be.

The loop pile carpet is considered to be the regular type of carpet even though it has many variations. This type of carpet is useful in many ways but mainly because of the way the loops are constructed. They trap dust and other harmful particles and thus we do not breathe them in. They also provide extra resistance against slipping and are perfect for areas with heavier traffic. This makes them great for an office or maybe a waiting room where people of different age walk in and out all the time. Footprints will not show as well.

The third type is a mix of the two mentioned above. They feature cut pile as well as loop pile. These carpets usually have some sort of a pattern and resemble engravings. This sculptured effect really adds to the character of the carpet. It is even stronger when one type of the pile is shorter than the other one.

As always the great challenge here is maintaining the rug and keeping it clean but you can always use professional services like. The difference in the fabric and the pile determines the actions that need to be taken. While you can do some sanitizing yourself it is better not to risk damaging your carpet and hiring professional help instead.