How to Easily Clean An Oven Glass?

How often do you clean your kitchen appliances? If you can’t even remember when was the last time you did it then chances are your oven – the most used kitchen appliance is extremely dirty. There are plenty of hacks, tips, tricks as well as cleaning detergents that will take care of your dirty oven, however, what about the oven glass? Some of these tips and cleaners will clean the interior of the appliance but they won’t be able to leave the glass spotless…

This is when I step in with my incredible hack for cleaning oven doors!

How to Easily Clean An Oven Glass?

– My First Hack

Grab a Magic Eraser (if the glass is extremely dirty then you might want to grab two of them because one won’t be enough to clean the entire door) then dampen it.

And then it’s time to start scrubbing. I recommend you work in small sections.

– My Second Hack

If you can’t seem to find a Magic Eraser then just skip to my second hack – you need vinegar and baking soda.

Start off with sprinkling baking soda all over the glass. Then pour vinegar into a spray bottle and start spraying it over the powder. Both ingredients will create a fizzing reaction which is good – this reaction will loosen up all the impurities, stains, burnt food, grease, etc. Let them work their magic for a few minutes.

Then grab a sponge and start scrubbing then wiping. You can continue sprinkling baking soda then spraying vinegar if the glass is really dirty.

And once you ar ehappy with the result dampen a cloth or a towel and wipe the surface so you remove any residue!