How to Remove Mascara Stains From Carpet?

One second you are doing your makeup, and the next you are trying to figure out how to remove mascara stains from your carpet because you dropped the mascara wand… I know this scenario too well which is why I want to share with you how I remove the mascara stains from my carpet so I can make your day a bit easier!

How to Remove Mascara Stains From Carpet?

Start off with, of course, lifting the mascara wand. Do not get a paper towel and do not start rubbing and wiping the stain with it because you will drive the mascara stain deeper into the fabric and you will make an even bigger mess.

Instead, get a cloth, dip it in water, and gently blot the stain with it. Next, get any stain remover you have at home – or even your laundry detergent if you don’t have stain removers at home, apply a bit of the product to the affected area and rub it in with your fingers.

Let the detergent sit for at least 10 minutes before you blot with a damp cloth so you can remove the soapy residue.

In case the stain hasn’t been removed completely, mix a tablespoon of the laundry detergent with a tablespoon of ammonia and two cups of warm water. Then dip a cloth or a sponge in the mixture and start blotting the area again.

And once you have let the mixture stay on the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes, you need to rinse once again by blotting with a damp cloth.

Next, just let the area air-dry and that’s it, the mascara stain is gone!