How To Remove Nail Polish From Your Carpet?

It’s so easy to spill nail polish while you are doing your nails – and it seems like the more you try to be careful the bigger mess you make.

But one of the worst places you can spill nail polish has to be the carpet. I have been there – I have spilt nail polish on my carpet and it was definitely a nightmare but, thankfully, there are some amazing stain removal methods that I learned and applied. Were they successful? Well, my carpet is spotless so yes!

How To Remove Nail Polish From Your Carpet?

You need to prepare a spoon, rubbing alcohol, a white cloth, and a towel. Yes, all you need is rubbing alcohol – it’s what I use as stain removal.

Before you proceed with the stain removal we need to make sure that the rubbing alcohol won’t cause any damage to your carpet like discolouration, This is why you need to apply a small amount on a hidden area of the carpet and see whether something happens.

If not, then grab the spoon and remove as much nail polish as possible. Of course, be gentle and avoid rubbing because you will only spread the polish further into the fibres.

Then dampen a cloth with the rubbing alcohol and blot the stain with it. Apply circular motions. The nail polish will transfer from the carpet to the cloth.

Repeat this until the stain is completely removed. But be patient since this might take a while.

Once you are happy with the results make sure to dampen another cloth with water and wipe the area so that you can remove the “stain remover”.

Can You Use Hair Spray?

One very common mistake people make is to use hair spray thinking that it will remove the nail polish. In the past, hair sprays contained alcohol in them which is why this “hack” might have worked then, however, hair sprays now do not contain alcohol making them useless for removing stains!