How To Remove Stickers From Walls Without Leaving Any Damage?

If your kids happened to add stickers to the walls in your home there is no need to get angry because I have the solution to your problem – how to easily remove the stickers without actually leaving any damage to the walls.

The method I discovered recently is super easy, effective, and cheap because you don’t need any fancy commercial cleaners. It also works on different types of surfaces – from tiles to painted walls!

How To Remove Stickers From Walls Without Leaving Any Damage?

It’s important to start off with removing the stickers with just your fingernails – you are going to get rid of a good portion of the sticker then you can continue with the next step. Start lifting one corner then continue with the next corner until you managed to remove as much as possible and it has started to become difficult to lift more.

You can also use a butter knife or other sharp item so you can scrape as much as possible.

Then grab your hairdryer and set it to medium heat. Heat up what’s left of the sticker for a minute or so. You can also use a clothes steamer if you have one. The heat is going to loosen up the sticker so you can easily get rid of it with your fingers or scrape it with a butter knife.

And just like that, the sticker will be removed – you just need a bit of patience and time.