The best way to clean granite

Granite is extremely stylish and many people gravitate towards it when they are renovating their homes. A fun fact for this stone is that it is naturally resistant to bacterial growth.

Granite can last a long time as long as it is cleaned the right way. In most cases, the stone will also need to be resealed every two to four years in order to maintain the glossy finish as well as prevent any stains from occurring.

When it comes to the cleaning part of granite it is actually quite easy and can even be done with natural ingredients you already have in your home.

How often should you clean granite?

It all depends on the placement of the granite.

If it is used as a countertop in your kitchen then you should clean it on a daily basis.

If it is used as a countertop in your bathroom then it should be wiped down after every use and should be cleaned on a weekly basis.

If your floors are granite then you should sweep or vacuum them on a daily basis as well as clean them with a cleaning solution once a week.

What natural ingredients should you use when cleaning granite?

If you are going to clean granite countertops then you should make a mixture of warm water and a dishwashing liquid.

If you need to remove any types of stains or greasy messes then you should make a solution of one cup of cool water as well as a cup of rubbing alcohol. Simply spray the stained area and wipe it down with a cloth.

If the stains are really stubborn then mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide – you want to create a thick paste. Spread it all over the stained area and leave it there overnight.